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We want to know if your organization struggles with any of these issues:

  • Long sales cycles and disappointing close ratios
  • Uncertain marketing return on investment
  • Less than 20% of the sales force achieving quota
  • Inability to generate quantified, compelling value propositions
  • Failure to create a sizeable pipeline and convert prospects into leads
  • Failure to qualify prospects properly
  • Difficulty positioning with the appropriate executives
  • Difficulty creating a compelling reason for prospects to buy now
  • Inability to generate proposals that speak to prospects’ critical business problems
  • Lack of marketplace intelligence
  • Less than 50% success rate in hiring sales, sales management, and sales VPs

The impact of these issues on your business is clear–lost revenue and higher costs of sales. If this is you, Talant has met you before!

Talant has worked with numerous sales and marketing executives who struggle with these very issues. We help our clients to get back to the basics:

  • SELECT targets with pinpointed accuracy
  • ATTRACT targets with compelling value proposition and messaging
  • CLOSE business with targets via activity-based consultative-selling
  • RETAIN acquired customers for life with outstanding service
  • EXPAND share of customer wallet with new products and services

In a nutshell, we help our clients take a lifecycle approach to acquiring customers and growing their business.

Talant is a full-service sales and marketing company specializing in the assessment, optimization, and implementation of sales and marketing programs that systematically advance your prospects and customers through their lifecycle. To learn more about our way of thinking and offerings, investigate our Customer Acquisition Lifecycle and Sales & Marketing Management solutions or contact us.

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