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banc-serv and Talant Introduce Financial Services Tool
ROI Calculator Helps Banks Measure Value of SBA Loan Outsourcing Services

BETHESDA, MD, July 22nd, 2005 – banc-serv, a leader in financial services, and Talant, the marketing and sales effectiveness experts, announced today the availability of a new ROI calculator to measure the benefits delivered by banc-serv’s outsourcing solutions for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. Using sound financial analysis and industry-accepted metrics to quantify value, the ROI calculator helps bank executives understand the total impact of subscribing to banc-serv’s innovative solution for packaging, secondary market sales, and servicing of SBA loans.

In today’s complex banking environment, senior-level bank executives face mounting pressure to improve overall bank performance. With so many investment options available, it is difficult for an executive to determine the optimal mix that will maximize bank returns. Third-party validated, research-based, and objective ROI calculators can help benchmark status quo and calculate potential impact of planned investments.

banc-serv’s ROI calculator was built on the foundation of Talant’s Value Measurement toolkit. Talant’s tools and methodologies have helped global businesses create value-driven decision frameworks that are vital to enterprise sales and investments.

“Talant’s ROI calculator enables me to create a compelling, customized business case for why a potential customer should invest in banc-serv administered SBA loans,” said Mike Slater, Partner and Corporate Finance Consultant for banc-serv. “The first two prospects I showed this to became customers on the spot. The ROI calculator will accompany me to every sales meeting from now on.”

“Some banks are critical of SBA loans, believing they are too risky or do not produce a satisfactory return,” said Landon Johnson, CEO of Talant. “This calculator provides a standard framework that executives can use to compare banc-serv administered SBA loans side-by-side with conventional loans. The calculator validates what we have learned from banc-serv’s customer base—banc-serv administered SBA loans are 3 to 4 times as profitable for banks as conventional loans.”

The ROI calculator provides banks with an objective analysis that illustrates the costs and returns of banc-serv’s SBA outsourcing solution. With the Talant tool, banc-serv finance consultants work with bank partners to build customized business cases that calculate key financial metrics such as Return on Assets (ROA) and Net Present Value (NPV), and predict the costs and risks of outsourcing SBA loan administration to banc-serv.

About Talant
Talant’s Value Measurement solution enables sales and marketing executives to identify, quantify and communicate the impact their company’s products and services have on their customers’ bottom line. Leveraging Talant’s robust analytical solutions, companies are able to refine target marketing, generate more compelling customer messages, increase sales efficiency, and elevate the skills of the sales force. Talant’s clients consist of a variety of start-up and Global companies, including BellSouth, Westcon Group, and Internap. For more information on Talant, please call us at 301.961.4949 or visit

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About banc-serv
banc-serv CONSULTING, LLC distinguishes itself in the market as a provider of SBA Loan services to banks and other financial institutions. banc-serv CONSULTING, LLC seeks to carve out a niche in this underserved market by providing solutions to small regional and community banks traditionally forced to turn away SBA qualified deals due to lack of expertise or capacity to handle such business. The founders of banc-serv CONSULTING, LLC have developed a processing, sales, and servicing system backed by a unique software solution based on years of SBA servicing experience. The goal of the business is to provide this efficient system as an outsourcing model, enabling banks to reduce costs, increase fee income, and expand their SBA lending capabilities. For more information on banc-serv, please call us at 515.306.1896 or visit

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