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Communiqué and Talant Introduce Webinar Optimization Program

Comprehensive pre-event, during-event and post-event platform drives maximum results

ARLINGTON, VA, March 12, 2007 Communiqué Conferencing, a premier provider of web and audio conferencing solutions, and Talant, a leader in demand creation and sales execution, announced today their joint offering which enables businesses to optimize their webinars. Using a combination of target market analysis, tailored messaging, registration campaigns, event production and post-event follow-up, Talant and Communiqué provide an end-to-end platform that ensures optimal Webinar results – greater marketplace awareness and real sales leads.

Decision-makers today are stressed out, over-worked, bombarded by information and risk averse. The typical executive has 59 hours of work queued up on her desk right now, receives an average of 150 emails per day and screens her calls
– making it very difficult for vendors to raise awareness, generate interest and create demand among target prospects. Webinars have become the preferred method for busy executives to educate themselves about new products, services and trends without investing a lot of time and without ceding control of the buying process. Serious buyers and curious browsers alike rely on Webinars to gather the information necessary to make informed judgments without the pressure to engage a sales rep.

Talant's and Communiqu
é's Webinar Optimization Program combines proven processes and tactics to register target prospects, create compelling content, ensure meaningful, dynamic, trouble-free events, and follow-up with attendees and no-shows for conversion from prospects to opportunities.

"So many companies have embraced Webinars as part of their marketing strategy, but few have figured out how to make Webinars drive real leads," said Curtis O'Keefe, CEO of
Communiqué. "What they don't realize is that what you do before and after the Webinar is just as important as the event itself."

Talant and
Communiqué are hosting a free Webinar event, "Strategies for Improving Webinar Lead Generation Results" on Wednesday, March 21 at 1PM Eastern and 10AM Pacific. To register for this event, go to:


About Talant
Talant has mastered the science behind effective marketing and sales. They are practitioners who realize that customer acquisition is a disciplined, process-oriented and often overlooked function of sales and marketing. Talant offers a complete suite of services that include: maket analysis & research, demand creation & lead generation and sales performance management. Our clients span Fortune 1000, mid-market and emerging growth companies. For more information, please visit us at i or call 703.282.5659.

About Communiqué
Communiqué Conferencing, Inc. provides premium audio and Web conferencing services to organizations worldwide, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Headquartered in McLean, VA, Communiqué offers best-of-breed audion and Web conferencing technology that is fully integrated, easy-to-use and supported by world-class customer service available 24x7. For more information visit i or call 1.866.332.2255.

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