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Talant ROI Tool Proves Financial Return from Netkey's Self-Service Management Platform
Robust Usability, Scalability and Reliability Drive Revenue and Speed-to-Market Improvements

BETHESDA, MD, March 7th, 2005 – Talant recently completed an in-depth analysis proving the economic benefits that result from the deployment of Netkey’s Self-Service management platform. Netkey is the leading provider of management platform solutions for developing, securing, monitoring and updating applications and content delivered on kiosks, digital signs, PC terminals and other self-service technologies.

This financial benefit, tested and demonstrated in recent studies among Netkey customers and retail industry leaders, is the result of Netkey’s ability to ensure the successful implementation, operation and growth of highly distributed networks of unattended devices.

Analysis of the impact of Netkey’s management platform and professional services revealed that customers gain an immediate improvement in speed-to-market, decreasing implementation times by up to 75%. “An increase in speed-to-market not only increases revenue capture and decreases costs for Netkey customers, but it also improves their competitive positioning and alleviates IT backlog,” said Landon Johnson, CEO of Talant. Other proven financial benefits included:

  • Decreased risk of implementation timeline overruns and cost overruns
  • Improved usability of self-service applications, driving increased usage and user satisfaction
  • Increased security and reliability of unattended devices resulting in increased usage
  • Reduced cost, time and effort to execute content refreshes and device repairs

Even though self-service and unattended devices have become mainstream, much investment has been made in technology that cannot adequately monitor uptime and performance or enforce security requirements. As businesses increase their reliance on self-service, and as more sensitive applications are supported on kiosks, companies are realizing the need for a robust platform that can coordinate key functions across the network.

Using Netkey’s self-service management platform, companies are able to centrally manage device and application security, content scheduling and delivery, and remote monitoring. Netkey’s robust application development tools and single administrative view of the performance and operation of store systems has benefited hundreds of top companies including Borders, BMW, Target and the USPS.

In addition to the research, Talant developed an ROI tool that applies the financial benefits to current and future Netkey customers. “We have always known that the Netkey solution has a positive impact on our customers’ bottom line,” said John Eyring, VP of Product Marketing for Netkey. “Now, armed with the analysis and tools that Talant built, we are able to speak with confidence and precision to potential customers about the financial benefits of the Netkey platform.”

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Talant’s Value Measurement solution enables sales and marketing executives to identify, quantify and communicate the impact their company’s products and services have on their customers’ bottom line. Leveraging Talant’s robust analytical solutions, companies are able to refine target marketing, generate more compelling customer messages, increase sales efficiency, and elevate the skills of the sales force. Talant’s clients consist of a variety of start-up and Global companies, including BellSouth, Westcon Group, and Internap. For more information on Talant, please call us at 301.961.4949 or visit

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About Netkey
Netkey provides a comprehensive software platform for authoring, securing, monitoring and managing self-service applications delivered on kiosks, computer terminals, digital signs and other retail technologies. Netkey measurably lowers the cost, and increases the value, of interfacing with customers and employees on unattended devices. Customers include BMW, Borders, JC Penney, Menards, Target and the U.S. Postal Service. Contact Netkey at 1-800-443-7924, via e-mail at, or on the Web at

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