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Are your Webinars delivering sales? Attend Talant's latest online event aimed at optimizing Webinars.

What: A free Webinar entitled:
              "Improving Webinar Lead                 Generation Results"

When: Live March 21 at 1PM
             Eastern and 10AM Pacific

CLICK HERE to view an archive of this Webinar, recorded previously.

In this 1 hour event, you'll learn how to improve Webinar ROI. We'll present six strategies for driving Webinar lead generation results:

 1) Knowing yout target audience
 2) Creating the right message
 3) Driving traffic to your website      (registration and attendance)
 4) Keys to a successful Web           event
 5) Post-event follow-up tactics
 6) The 3 rules for ROI–measure,
     measure and measure!

Talant Webinar Optimization Program

Webinars have become the preferred method for busy executives to educate themselves about new products, services and trends without investing a lot of time and without ceding control of the buying process. Serious buyers and curious browsers alike rely on Webinars to gather the information necessary to make informed judgments without the pressure to engage with a sales rep.

Unfortunately many organizations do not see their investment in Webinars leading to sales. They dedicate most of their effort to event itself
, and fail to realize that it's what you do before and after the Webinar that drives registration and converts attendees into pipeline opportunities.

Talant's Webinar Optimization Program combines proven processes and tactics to register target prospects, create compelling content, ensure powerful, trouble-free events and follow-up with attendees and no-shows. The result? Webinar campaigns that generate real sales opportunities and closed deals!

Webinar Process

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