the science of sales and marketing

These are the types of challenges we hear from sales and marketing professionals every day:

“Customers scrutinize each deal in a way they never have before - this makes the sales cycle even longer.”

“Our salespeople don’t know how to sell to the CFO.”

“Today’s buyers are savvy. They expect numbers to back up every claim we make.”

“Our biggest challenge is to differentiate our products in a meaningful way.”


Talant Customer Acquisition Solutions

Long sales cycles. Disappointing close ratios. Uncertain marketing ROI. All too many business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) sales and marketing organizations exhibit these symptoms. The root cause lies in the “shotgun” approach that they take to influencing customer and marketplace behavior. Not knowing what works and what doesn’t, they do a little bit of everything -- PR, advertising, trade shows, collateral etc.

At Talant, we recognize the need for a long-term discipline if sales and marketing organizations are to deliver measurable results to their companies. Talant recommends the Customer Acquisition Lifecycle model for sales and marketing. In this model, every activity your organization undertakes must be about advancing prospects and customers efficiently and effectively through the various phases of the lifecycle. It brings rigor, discipline and structure for prioritizing, directing and justifying your efforts!

Customer acquisition begins with selecting targets with pinpointed accuracy. More

The selected targets must be drawn towards your offerings with compelling value proposition and messages. More

Your sales force must sell consultatively and close business with enough of those attracted targets to meet quotas. More

Acquired customers, especially high-value ones, must be retained for life through exemplary post-sale service. More

Installed base customers must be “re-acquired” for new products and services by repeating the SELECT->ATTRACT->CLOSE->RETAIN cycle. The goal is to increase your share of customer wallets. More
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