the science of sales and marketing

These are the types of challenges we hear from sales and marketing professionals every day:

"There's an ongoing battle internally about who is responsible for leads sales or marketing? After all the fingerpointing our pipeline is still too small!"

“Customers scrutinize each deal in a way they never have before - this makes the sales cycle even longer.”

“Our salespeople don’t know how to sell to the CFO.”

“Today’s buyers are savvy. They expect numbers to back up every claim we make.”

“Our biggest challenge is to differentiate our products in a meaningful way.”


Talant CLOSE Solutions

A key to closing a sale is finding the right buyer at the right time. To achieve quota, sales reps must then find enough of the right buyers — this requires a high level of activity!

Another key is the ability to sell consultatively. In today’s sophisticated buying environment, buyers make investment decisions based on rational business justification. With so many vendors knocking on their doors, buyers have shifted the onus of making the business case to the sellers themselves.

Talant’s portfolio of offerings for the CLOSE phase include:

Sales Performance Management
If you don’t inspect, don’t expect! Talant’s sales performance management system based on Ken Blanchard’s situational leadership ensures 100% of your sales team achieves quota.

Business Case Generation Tools
Negotiations on any sales transaction starts with the initial call. A sales force that is armed with ROI generation tools, not only have increased close rates, but discount less because they know a prospect’s ROI. Talant can demystify creation and use of ROI tools in the selling process.

Competitive Analysis
Talant will provide you the unbiased information you need on your competitors that can be used routinely by your sales force.

Sales Hiring and Training

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