the science of sales and marketing

These are the types of challenges we hear from sales and marketing professionals every day:

“Customers scrutinize each deal in a way they never have before - this makes the sales cycle even longer.”

“Our salespeople don’t know how to sell to the CFO.”

“Today’s buyers are savvy. They expect numbers to back up every claim we make.”

“Our biggest challenge is to differentiate our products in a meaningful way.”


Talant EXPAND Solutions

Customer needs and requirements are constantly in flux. Staying abreast of those changes in your customers’ environment opens up new opportunities to deepen relationships with them, expand your share of their wallet and drive business growth.

Talant’s portfolio of offerings for the EXPAND phase include:

Customer Product Intersection (CPI) Analysis
This complete offering adds business value driver extensions to your product and service features, functions and benefits. We map the value you provide to the strategic imperatives of target prospects. Our CPI research and analysis pinpoints the unique value propositions you should be taking to market and presents a product development roadmap for future enhancements to your product.

Strategic Account Management
Not all customers are created equal—some require special plans, attention and representatives. Talant identifies strategic accounts and establishes a Strategic Account Management Program for breaking in and cultivating them.
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