the science of sales and marketing

These are the types of challenges we hear from sales and marketing professionals every day:

“Customers scrutinize each deal in a way they never have before - this makes the sales cycle even longer.”

“Our salespeople don’t know how to sell to the CFO.”

“Today’s buyers are savvy. They expect numbers to back up every claim we make.”

“Our biggest challenge is to differentiate our products in a meaningful way.”


Talant LEAD Solutions

Just as a rising tide raises all boats, a market on the upswing raises your sales reps’ output. However, rosey conditions rarely last and do not drive long-term success. High-performance sales and marketing teams require supreme leadership that can set achievable stretch goals and influence the ability to attain them - regardless of market conditions.

Talant’s portfolio of offerings for your LEAD imperative include:

Sales Management Leadership Skills
You get what you are willing to tolerate. Tolerate poor performance and that's what you’ll get. Expect excellence - and provide your team with the proper tools to achieve - and you’ll get excellence. Talant relies on a variety of proven  programs to teach sales managers how to lead a high performing sales force.

Sales and Marketing Outsourcing
Do you have open territories or vacant sales, sales management or marketing positions? Talant's experienced sales and marketing experts can fill the role temporarily until you find the right resource. In fact, we'll establish a set of best practices to which you can hire and manage.
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