the science of sales and marketing

These are the types of challenges we hear from sales and marketing professionals every day:

“Customers scrutinize each deal in a way they never have before - this makes the sales cycle even longer.”

“Our salespeople don’t know how to sell to the CFO.”

“Today’s buyers are savvy. They expect numbers to back up every claim we make.”

“Our biggest challenge is to differentiate our products in a meaningful way.”


Talant RETAIN Solutions

It is common wisdom that it is far easier to retain your current customers than to find and sign-on new ones. Exemplary service organizations and a dedicated sales force of “farmers” are keys to retaining customers for life.

Talant’s portfolio of offerings for the RETAIN phase include:

Satisfaction Plus Program
80% of the clients that are not totally satisfied with your company will leave you. A scary thought if you are flying blind as to how the customer perceives your products and services. Talant's Satisfaction Plus program takes the temperature of your clients - continuously checking their expectations and developing proactive steps to ensure loyalty on a ongoing basis.

Sales Organization Assessment and Alignment
“Do you have hunters’ farming and farmers’ hunting?” If so, you are not alone. Most sales organizations are running out of alignment. Talant has a statistical-based methodology that will realign you sales organization for optimum performance.
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